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A Guide to finding Love after Divorce

I begged her to stay and she insisted that it was over and she was going to leave!

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That was 6 years ago. For years we were unhappy, just going through the motion, it was like living with a delinquent sister only worse, this was my wife.

I would feel anger today, numb the next and so my emotions kept moving between the two.

Over the past month, I’ve been reflecting on the last six years since my separation and divorce. I can say without a doubt, I have honoured the promise I made to myself when the divorce was final—I set out on a journey, a mission to finding love after divorce and I’ve found that love, within myself. Listen to this podcast of another’s journey.

The man I was at 47 is unrecognizable to me, as the man I am now, at 53 (it feels like three lifetimes ago). I act different. I feel different. I look different—I’ve transformed. My transformation was dependent on my independence; I had to release myself from the safety net of my relationship.

The most difficult part of ending a marriage, is leaving behind the companionship and partnership (fulfilling or not).

We know what these things are about, comfort of paying bills together, someone to talk to if there is an emergency in the middle of the night, I could go on and on.

If there is anyone who has made more mistakes over the past few years, it is me. Yet, all those mistakes have led me to a sound place, a calm place, a place where love has found its way in and out.

For all the men who have boldly gone where now 50 percent of the population has gone, I want to offer some insights as you embrace your new life, and I do know that more women are reading this blog more than the men, nevertheless, it can be applied to both.

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