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Those Stupid Arguments can hurt!

Have you ever said this to someone, “My boyfriend and I have broken up due to a stupid arguments” You said some things you should not have said and he reacted with saying some things you know he never meant and then you both started shouting at each other, no one listening to the other and in order to get each other’s attention you both said some really crazy thing, then out of no where another breakup and for what?


stupid arguments

After cooling down you both discover that this was a stupid argument that actually just destroyed what you would define as a beautiful relationship, you try to apologise but the other is holding out, the play of ego. Every once in a while you will get mad but the real strength of character is not allowing your anger to get in the way whether breaking up is the best thing or not, never allow arguments to win.

It doesn’t matter how stupid arguments can be, it will and can destroy your relationship.

Stupid Arguments

stupid arguments

  1. Go to bed angry. Several therapists and couples say forget that adage about always resolving anger before turning in — and let someone sleep on the couch. …
  2. Take a break. …
  3. Own up to your part of the fight. …
  4. Find the humor. …
  5. Shut up and touch. …
  6. Ban the “but.” …
  7. Remember what’s important.

My own testimonial: Just recently my partner and I got into it, I cannot remember what we were arguing about but I know steam was coming through my ears, it was a stupid argument (stupid arguments) that much I remembered and decided this time I was not going to say what was on my mind and it was obvious that despite her being upset she was holding back. When we got home we both thought it was pointless to continue so my partner apologized for shouting and I did for snapping and that was that, we had a good night!

There is no such thing as stupid arguments, just try to prevent arguing at all cost. What may be trivial to you may start a war in another man’s country.

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