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4 Key Rules to Marital Success

Happiness is fundamental to the health and survival of the human race. Happy people are generally optimistic about life, enjoy better mental and physical health, more productive at completing tasks and more satisfied with life. Happiness is not only essential to the marital success, health and survival of humanity, it is vital to the health and survival of marriages and relationships. My grandfather just turned 101 a couple of days ago and was married for 71 years and was is because my grandmother passed away. Let me share in this article what I actually got from him.

Here are a four important steps that you should consider when married or if you are thinking about it:

Marital Success

Consult the Author and His manual

We can all agree that regardless of the age of a product, a user’s manual whether it is printed or stored digitally always comes in handy. In fact, our society is constantly introducing a variety of products on the market causing users to seek manuals in an effort to answer questions about their function, proper use, and care. Similarly, the institution of marriage has its origin all the way back in Eden and the Author of marriage, God the Creator, has provided us with His manual, The Holy Scriptures. Consulting with the Author of marriage and His manual is the first key that contributes to a happier marriage. This manual provides us with clear instructions on how we should operate in marriage. 


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