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5 Things you can do when you want to call your Ex

Thinking of calling your ex? Not so fast!

call your ex

It’s been days, weeks, or even months since you and your ex called it quits. And you’re fine. You’re convinced everything happens for a reason, and you’ll be better off with someone else someday. You rarely even think of him. However sometimes you get this sudden urge to call your ex.

Until you do.

And then you want to call him. You want to call him like a diver wants to come up for air after a while. You want to call him like a crash dieter wants to cheat with a cookie… or an entire bag of cookies.

I know, because I’ve been there. Anyone who’s ever endured a breakup probably has. But for the love of all that is moving on, don’t pick up the phone! Experts have given us five emergency techniques, from mental exercises to getting your nails done, to turn to instead, and for us guys, hit the gym.


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