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How to Be a Good Father

On June 16, 2015 the Golden State Warriors won an NBA title in over 40 years. I took an interest in the life of the players and started listening to their personal stories. The star on that team is Stephen Curry, just something about him that I found very interesting and that was despite what anyone said, his height, weight, he just wanted to be like his father.

Father and son playing football

Father and son playing football

His father spoke about the relationship they had when he was young and in my observation of this young man you could see the gleam in his eyes when  he spoke about his father, this is what I took from the numerous interviews and the message I got.

Make time for your children–As a father, how do you show your children that they are important to you? Surely there are many things you do for your children, including the sacrifices you make to feed them and provide them with an adequate home. You would not do such things if your children were not important to you. Yet, if you do not spend significant amounts of time with your children, they might conclude that you care more for other things, such as your job, your friends, or your hobbies, than you do for them.

father 3You do not have to spend a lot of time, but make sure the time you spend with them count, and it has to be doing  things  they are interested in, not something that you want to teach them or something that is all about you.

Love and respect your wife—It was obvious that apart from taking Step Curry to church every Sunday and Wednesday evenings which was an important foundation, he noticed the way his father respected his mother, throughout the playoffs you always saw the family together, the way she leaned into her husband it was clear that love was there.

Father and son using digital tablet

Father and son using digital tablet

Apply God’s Practical Wisdom—we do not normally associate basketball and God do we? but this young man constantly talks about a prayer life and being a Christian.  Fathers who have heartfelt love for God can give their children a most precious heritage—an intimate relationship with their heavenly Father.

I would complain as a youngster about ‘why was my dad so poor’, always running off to work and we knew we were missing some things that other families had. I remember praying about wanting different parents. There was one thing however that was always present in our home, we never appreciated it then, but we do now, morning and evening devotions. We are now so thankful for having Christian parents, when the trials of life strikes we can hold on to our faith. Stephen spoke about his experience very early in his career after being drafted by the Golden State Warriors his ankle gave out and he had to operate. After 6 months of hard work and being faithful, not to mention the support of his family he came back to the scene even more lethal than he was before the injury.

Father teaching son to tie a tie

Father teaching son to tie a tie

Bible Principle: “Once you have a love for God with all your heart and all your soul and all your vital force. And these words that I am commanding you today must prove to be on your heart.”— Deuteronomy 6:5, 6.

It is obvious that there is more involved in fatherhood than these few points and that, realistically, even when you try your best to be a good father, you are not going to be a perfect one. But to the extent that you apply these principles in a loving and balanced way, you really can be a good father.  Dell Curry was certainly not a perfect father, his career as a basketball player kept him away from home for weeks, but when he got home, he made sure to share with his boys what he knew, it is no surprise that Stephen is the MVP for 2015 and a Champion because of the relationship he has with his father.


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