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Is the Love over with no Spark

It is time to break it off with your partner, there is no spark!

no Spark

The relationship started out really good, communicating throughout the day, cannot wait to see your partner at the end of the day, just being in each other’s company is enough, in your mind you made the perfect pick, this is it. Months in, you are wondering why you picked this person, where did the spark go, and the worse thing is you cannot even identify why you are both not feeling it, or you are not feeling it, because she is just as interesting as the day you met, however there is no spark.

Medical Science has Interesting Evidence that Love is a Drug…

Medical Science has performed numerous brain imagine experiments on people’s brains during times when they were feeling deeply in love with that certain euphoric feeling of intense pleasure and happiness, and also on brains of people who were still together in a love relationship long after the highly romantic early stages, and also on brains of those who were experiencing deep depression  with no spark and pain due to being dumped.

Can we keep the Romantic, Euphoric “High” or Spark forever; is it even possible?

RoseNeither natural or synthetic Chemical highs last forever, but like common drug addiction, a kind of natural tolerance develops, and the epidemic of short-lived romantic passionate love affairs today that many times end after a year or two, are associated with the natural levelling out of brain chemicals. When the intoxicating chemicals begin levelling out, this is often spelling the end of the delirious passions that are being understood so greatly today as a loss of Love.

From Early Romantic Love to Mature Compassionate Love

A very notable difference between these 2 kinds of Love can be described by how the newer passionate romantic love is more about how the other person makes you feel, and the longer enduring Mature Love transforms into loving the other person as he or she is. There are different chemicals noted that have effects as far as supporting this second phase of love and one such type are called Endorphins. Without getting into the scientific mamba jumbo, it is safe to say that even when the spark is gone true love still exist.

No Spark

There are things that couples should do to keep the spark going, and sometimes you just have to sit back and allow the relationship to take a natural direction. Once we understand that love is not just a feeling, we are well on our way. Enjoy your relationship, whether you are feeling the spark or no spark.


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